30 Days to Purposeful Living 


This course is for you if you are feeling lost, or perhaps lacking motivation about where you are in life. You could have found yourself drifting or simply recognise your life is not where you want it to be. 

Over an initial four-week group coaching programme, we’ll unpick your current situation, identify your personal values, create a powerful vision for your future, and develop a clear plan for driving the desired change in your life. You’ll leave feeling energised, with a real sense of purpose for your future direction.

 What can I expect?

  • 30 minute 1-2-1 coaching call to make sure the programme is the right fit for you.
  • 1 x 60 minute 1-2-1 coaching call.
  • 4 x 60 minute, online workshops delivered weekly via Zoom.
  • Closed facebook group where I will be on hand to support you throughout the programme.
  • 4-module coursebook for you to work through each week covering the following: Understanding Yourself; Creating Your Vision; Mapping Your Path; and Staying On Track.


What do the modules cover?

Understanding Yourself

  • You’ll identify your personal values and explore why they are important to you.
  • You’ll review the roles you play in your life, their importance to you, and how you’re showing up.

Creating Your Vision

  • You’ll identify your key growth area for the next year.
  • You’ll create a powerful future vision for your key growth area.
  • You’ll identify and unpick any limiting beliefs and re-frame to create an empowering belief that serves your goals.


Mapping Your Path

  • You’ll learn how to set SMART goals and set them for the key roles in your life.
  • You’ll identify your ‘one thing’ to focus on for the next year.

Staying on Track

  • You’ll learn my R.E.A.P model of positive daily habits (PDH’s) to support your goals.
  • You’ll identify relevant daily habits that support your ‘one thing’ for the next year.
  • You’ll complete a weekly plan for the next 30 days that supports your goals.

 Next Course Date: November 2020

What do my clients say?

Kirstin, Process Change Manager

When we first started our sessions, I was pretty unclear on where I wanted to go with my career in the long term. We completed several exercises that allowed me to navigate through the masses of opportunities and directions I can take in my career but to also understand my personal values. He also has knowledge within the marketing & business world and has such a passion for coaching & mentoring. I couldn’t recommend him enough.


Anthony, Personal Trainer

I thought the coaching was 10/10 because it made me think about life in a different way every time we had our conversations. Speaking about life values and goals are important to me, these are areas that I never really concentrated and thought hard about until I started the coaching sessions.

Nicola, Principle Teacher

Darren is a very patient and attentive listener and helped me explore issues in my personal and professional life in great depth. I 100% would recommend Darren as a coach for anyone who is needing extra motivation and focus to help attain their life goals.

Adam, Musician

I’ve had great value from working with Darren. I better understand myself, which has helped my communication and my relationships with others, and I have more clarity and focus on how to overcome the challenges in front of me as I work towards my goals and dreams!

Cammy, Physical Trainer

I have been doing coaching sessions with Darren for a few months now and I’ve enjoyed every single minute. Each session has been excellently delivered, extremely valuable and has continuously helped me to grow in confidence and left me feeling inspired and motivated to take action. It is absolutely evident that Darren is very skilled and passionate about coaching. Highly recommend.