Who are Work In Progress Coaching?

In 2016 my life changed forever. I became a dad for the first time and that triggered in me the growing realisation that I had to stop coasting through life. At that point I had a good job, nice house, lovely wife, dog and new baby. By all regards, from the outside looking in, I was living a successful life.

Yet, I couldn’t shake the feeling that if this was success, why did I have to pay such a high price for it? Working 60 hour a week doing something I felt zero passion about. So, I started looking around for ways to reduce the dependency on my 60-hour a week corporate job and found my way into property investing.

Since 2016, my wife Gill and I started building a property portfolio of our own, from scratch, with no savings, capital, or even a rich uncle behind us! In the years since, we worked even longer hours to create passive income through property investing, surrounding ourselves with other property investors, as well as property mentors and property coaches too.

This enabled us to leave our corporate roles and focus full-time on property and also focus on the things we were passionate about: namely, building a strong passive income base through property investing; spending precious time with our two young kids; and helping others create the life they really want to.


We’ve seen too many people follow the ‘normal’ approach of working right up until retirement in a job they put up with, only to fall into poor health or die shortly after.

Well, not on my watch.

I decided that wasn’t good enough for me, and it’s not good enough for you either.

I used to tell myself the same excuses you probably do: I’m not smart enough; I don’t have any money; It’s too late for me to change; If only I had some more experience. All BS, and deep down you know it don’t you?

That’s where Work In Progress Coaching comes in.

Together Gill and I will help you live the life you want through property investment. As an International Coaching Federation (ICF) qualified Transformational Coach, I understand your life is not all about property. It’s about creating the life you really want, and I believe property investing is only one part of that.

I’m a big believer in building communities, increasing my coaching clients’ confidence and resilience, and most importantly, helping them remain clear as to the direction they want to head in.

To find out more, click the link below and book in a FREE 30-minute introductory coaching call.

Darren holds a diploma in Transformational Coaching recognised by the International Coach Federation (ICF), is an active member of the ICF, and an accredited DISC practitioner. He also holds a MSc with distinction in Business Analysis and Consulting from the University of Strathclyde Business School.

Gill holds a BSc Hons degree in Marketing and after leaving corporate employment in 2018 she has built various property businesses through Mila Homes. She has built a 7-figure BTL portfolio, and now helps others do the same through property coaching and mentoring.

What do our clients say?

Kirstin, Process Change Manager

He allowed me to navigate through the masses of opportunities and directions I can take in my career but to also understand my personal values. He also has knowledge within the marketing & business world and has such a passion for coaching & mentoring. I couldn’t recommend him enough.

Anthony, Personal Trainer

I thought the coaching was 10/10 because it made me think about life in a different way every time we had our conversations. Speaking about life values and goals are important to me, these are areas that I never really concentrated and thought hard about until I started the coaching sessions.

Nicola, Principle Teacher

Darren is a very patient and attentive listener and helped me explore issues in my personal and professional life in great depth. I 100% would recommend Darren as a coach for anyone who is needing extra motivation and focus to help attain their life goals.

Adam, Musician

I better understand myself, which has helped my communication and my relationships with others, and I have more clarity and focus on how to overcome the challenges in front of me as I work towards my goals and dreams!

Cammy, Physical Trainer

Each session has been excellently delivered, extremely valuable and has continuously helped me to grow in confidence and left me feeling inspired and motivated to take action. Highly recommend.