After reviewing my plan last week I’ve been feeling much better in myself and have been busy taking action. I’ve also had a great time spending quality time with the two little people in my life. Over the past few days we’ve spent a lot of time in the park which has been amazing, particularly since we have had a few good days of sun… okay its still freezing but sun is Scotland is amazing, regardless of the temperature! Lauren is learning how to ride her scooter, and she’s doing really well even though I had to save her from going head first into the swan pond a few times as she needs to work on her steering (just like mummy in the car says Dad 😉)

Property wise I’m feeling pretty good because we’ve had new tenants move into our latest rental property, we’ve had two new viewings set up for a house we are selling and I’ve got a bunch of viewings set up for this week. I’ve got some update meetings with our investors booked in and I’m off to a great Property Networking event tonight so I’ll get to catch up with a bunch of great people whilst learning about new things in the property market. Plus I’m excited about heading down south to a training course on Saturday, all about Property Sourcing compliance. I’m sure this doesn’t sound like the ideal thing to be doing on a Saturday to most people, let alone driving over 300 miles to be at it, but in property (and most things to be honest) I believe that if you want to do something well you need to understand as much as possible about it and take action based on your learnings.

Although my current portfolio can give me income, I don’t want to rely on it, and therefore a lot of my focus right now is looking at ways I can generate more income without going back into the corporate world. Following my meeting with our accountant last week he made it clear that additional streams of income needs to be my focus. Sourcing makes sense for me as one additional income stream. There’s a lot of sourcers out there and as with everything there are good and what some may call bad sourcers. I obviously want to be in the good camp, and because I know I have been able to find good deals for our own portfolio, and I am ramping up my viewings and focus on finding deals, it makes sense to me to ensure I set myself up as a compliant sourcer now so that where I have a surplus of deals I can source them on, whilst giving the assurance that I know what I’m doing. I look forward to updating on my progress in future blogs.

Whilst the focus right now is to generate more income for me and my family I think it’s always important to give back and help others. In the past few weeks I have been on a rollercoaster of emotions and I feel the pressure to contribute to the household as much as possible. Because of this I have felt overwhelmed with all the actions I want to complete, however, I believe that in order to get what you want in life you need to give back just as much, if not more. This is one of the reasons I co-founded a property support group in Glasgow last year, that gives like-minded active investors a safe environment to ask and learn from others who have been there before and to share experiences. Given it can be a lonely gig where it’s sometimes easy to procrastinate, it helps people stay accountable as we meet up face to face each month and update on our actions … I’ll share a little more about this next week 😊

So, all in all I’ve had a good week, a varied week, a fun week, a busy week … and a week of balance!

Wish me luck on my viewings!