With so much noise about in the media it can be difficult to know what’s happening in the UK property Market. Well, if you want to cut through the noise and find out how you can start investing in property in 2023, you’re in luck!

When Gill and I started investing in property in 2017, we really had not idea what we were doing! We had no money, no experience in the trades, were both new parents, and had another on the way! We had pretty much every excuse you could think of NOT to start, except what we did have was a bag full of determination to change our lives forever.

We got ourselves educated and spent thousands on credit cards before we’d even started looking at properties! Fast forward 5 years and we now have a multi-million pound portfolio including BTLs, Holiday Lets, HMO, and Commercial.

Now we want to help you get started in property by sharing how we got started along with some fundamentals we think are crucial to start getting ahead in this market.


About Darren

Darren’s an ICF accredited transformational coach and property investor and helps frustrated professionals unlock their potential and purpose through coaching.

With almost 20 years’ experience as a leader in the utilities and retail sectors, he realised he needed to change his life after his first daughter was born.

Since 2017, he has built a 7-figure property portfolio that reduced his dependency on his full-time salary to pursue his true passion of inspiring and supporting others to unleash their full potential and create generational wealth through property investing.