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How Can I Own The Day?

As a transformational coach, I'm acutely aware of how a good start to the day can trigger a great day, with the opposite also being true if you start the day badly. I've dropped some hints below that I have discussed with my clients about how you can own the day!...

Letting Agent or Self Manage?

As you build a bigger property portfolio you will inevitably ask yourself this question.... Should I self-manage or hand it over to a letting agent? Well, I've dropped some considerations down for you below that might help you decide! Self-Manage You have much more...

How To Create New Habits

My learning on habits has been massively influenced by both James Clear and Charles Duhigg in their hugely successful books Atomic Habits and The Power Of Habit. I've dropped my key insights into habit formation below: Manage Your Environment Have you ever gone...