2022 Goal Setting Workshop

Are you sick of setting goals and not following through? Or do you just never find enough time to set goals properly?

Join me for 4 hours of intensive, workshop-style coaching sessions where I’ll walk you through the goal-setting process I’ve used for the past 7 years and implement with my coaching clients.

Goal setting requires time, but it also needs a space where you can be really honest with yourself about how you’re holding yourself back and how you can address it going forward.

In the group workshops, I’ll take you through the key questions to help you dig deep, and support you between sessions on a 1-2-1 basis to help you get clear on your plan for 2022 and how you’re going to achieve it.

Don’t just settle for New Year Resolutions, make 2022 your best year yet!

Whether I’ve worked with you before or not, this is an insanely valuable course and it will help you kick off 2022 with a bang. It’s the type of thing I wish I had available to me each year, and that’s why I’ve created it!

What’s included in the workshops?

  • You’ll get 2 x 2-hour online group coaching sessions with me where I will help you review your last year and unpick the things that need to change to help you achieve the things you really want in 2022.
  • Not only that but we’ll focus on how you can stay on track as well by identifying the potential barriers that might get in your way and identifying ways you can mitigate or remove them.
  • We’ll also look at your daily success habits to ensure you look after yourself so you can take the actions you need to bring about the successes you want. Remember, success really is about just continuing to take the right next step!
  • Finally, I’ll also be offering a review of your actions after the session with some considerations tailored for you.

That’s 4 hours of focussed time and support on your goals, not to mention the post-session review of your goals to make sure 2022 really is your best year yet. All for the cost of one night out, only £99!

When are they happening?

There’s a choice of dates:

  • 9th & 16th December or
  • 4th and 11th January,

and you can mix and match these dates to suit.

All sessions will run from 7pm to 9pm in the evening and will be recorded if for whatever reason you can’t attend one of the live sessions.

This is the best value course I’ve ever put together because I really want to see you succeed in 2022.

To book your place for £99, complete your contact details below and I’ll be in touch.

About Darren

Darren’s an ICF accredited transformational coach and property investor and helps people move out of their comfortable, yet unfulfilling lives, supporting them to create the life they really want through property investing.

With almost 20 years’ experience as a leader in the utilities and retail sector, he realised he needed to change his life after his first daughter was born.

Since 2017, he has built a 7-figure property portfolio that reduced his dependency on his full-time salary to pursue his true passion of inspiring and supporting others to unleash their full potential and create generational wealth through property investing.