As a transformational coach, I’m acutely aware of how a good start to the day can trigger a great day, with the opposite also being true if you start the day badly. I’ve dropped some hints below that I have discussed with my clients about how you can own the day!

  1. Check in Daily with Yourself

Ask yourself how you’re feeling first thing in the morning. Then set the intention for how you’d like to feel today. How would you like to show up and who do you need to be today?

2. Take Regular Breaks

Don’t be a hero and work through your lunch. ‘Powering Through’ is a sure fire way to be unproductive and produce sloppy results. Work up to a maximum of 50 mins on any one task and then get up and move for 10 mins.

3. Play To Your Own Rhythm

We all have a circadian rhythm that will be optimum for our states across the day. This has a big effect on when we do our best work. Recognise when you’re in your peak states and schedule the most important work for then. Consequently, use your low energy times for things that don’t need a lot of concentration or effort. Also, make sure it’s your rhythm that’s getting played, not someone else’s. If you hate an early rise, tell the 5am club to do one!

4. Exercise

We all know it. Exercise is the price we pay to stimulate our body to create more energy and maintain a healthy state. When we exercise we’re more alert, more likely to produce great work, and also more likely to eat well too.

5. Reflect on Today and Plan Tomorrow

If we can fully appreciate all we’ve done today and all we’ve learned, we can bring that energy and learning into tomorrow. Owning today started yesterday by knowing what you wanted to go out and achieve. That way, when the alarm goes off you know exactly what you’re getting up for and have been able to marinate on any challenges whilst you’ve slept.