Is The UK Property Market About To Boom or Bust?

With so much noise about in the media it can be difficult to know what’s happening in the UK property Market. Thankfully for you, I’ve waded through the relevant evidence I’ve seen and written a quick summary of whether I think we’re at the start of a boom, or whether a crash is just around the corner.

Surely house prices can’t keep selling at this rate. When furlough ends the economy is going to crash. But what if I’m wrong and I miss out on all the growth in the next few years?

The good news is that I’ve written about the current market in a free PDF because I had the exact same concerns! Albeit only my opinion, I’ve been investing in property for the past 5 years and have seen the market changes in that time and have been able to see through the media headlines to the facts.

Over lockdown, we bought seven new units, including our first HMO, whilst others sat on the side-lines waiting for more information. Now we’re coming out of the various lockdowns and the economy is starting to move again, I was curious to find out what might happen across the next few years and whether we’re just about to face a property crash, or just at the start of a boom.

Check out my free article below to find out! 

About Darren

Darren’s an ICF accredited transformational coach and property investor and helps people move out of their comfortable, yet unfulfilling lives, supporting them to create the life they really want through property investing.

With almost 20 years’ experience as a leader in the utilities and retail sector, he realised he needed to change his life after his first daughter was born.

Since 2017, he has built a 7-figure property portfolio that reduced his dependency on his full-time salary to pursue his true passion of inspiring and supporting others to unleash their full potential and create generational wealth through property investing.